Sunday, November 16, 2008

Barack Obama and the Rainbow Gathering

Those of you who have been involved know the struggles we have faced to continue gathering due to Forest Service Regulations. If you're not quite up to speed, there's a lot of good information posted at Welcome Home and Wyoming Gathering Blogspot and Prop 1.

Well change is coming to the United States Forest Service and Barack has the opportunity to deal with us straight up by appointing people to the upper reaches of the Forest Service who support the rights of the people to freely assemble. Who believe that a gathering is a recreational event of individuals. Who believe that one million dollars of tax payer money is better spent on planting trees than harassing hippies.

So what do we do next?

The number one man in the United States Forest Service Law Enforcement & Investigations division (John Twiss) just stepped down. I have heard that the acting
chief is Dave Ferrell-a man with much experience working with Rainbow Gatherings.

The current Undersecretary of the United States Department of Agriculture is Mark Rey, a former timber industry lobbyist. Mr. Rey has been working with us for the last couple of years, but he leaves his post when Barak Obama is inaugurated as the President (January 20, 2009).

The two people who fill these positions are going to have an enormous amount of influence over our gatherings for the length of their appointments, which if we're lucky will be 8 years. Think about how bad things have gotten for us under the Bush Administration. Well it's time for a change.

So I am asking you to make your voice hear. Barack has a transition website up where you can easily make your voice heard. So what to do?

Visit YOUR VISION and tell your story about going to a Rainbow Gathering and how the United States Forest Service treated you and ask that Barack Obama appoint a new Undersecretary who supports the rights of the people to gathering, who will treat gathering participants like human beings, who recognizes that gathering on public lands is a legitimate user of our forests, who will stop the violence committed by the United States Forest Service towards people who gather to pray for world peace.

Send the same message to your United States Senators and your United States Congressional Representative.

The time is now. I call on Thanksgiving Council to discuss this subject. It is the most important peace of business in which we can engage.

I call on all Rainbow circles, and individuals and people with an interest in justice and the future of the Rainbow Gatherings to make their voice heard, nominate specific candidates for Chief Law Enforcement Offices and Undersecretary. The time is now. If we wait even two months, this opportunity will have passed us by.

If we do this in a thoughtful, positive manner now, in New Mexico we will have stopped the madness perpetrated by the federal government against our children, against our elders, against all our brothers and sisters. If we let this moment pass us by, the violence will continue to escalate at the gathering.

The time is now family. Please forward this information to all your circles everywhere: rainbow and beyond. We need 100,000 voices letting President Elect Barack Obama know that we need a change in our National Forests.

As an aside, on November 4, California voted to ban gay marriage and the shock has been felt around the world. Yesterday over one million gay and straight people marched in 300 cities in ten countries demanding equal rights. This movement was born of the pain we felt in our hearts at the discrimination against our brothers and sisters who are now being denied the right to marry because they are GLBT.

Here in San Diego, two or three amazing women in their early twenties started a movement 8 days ago that brought twenty five thousand people into the streets of San Diego alone yesterday demanding equality for all. All my faith is in my younger brothers and sisters. We need you and we need you now.

~ Sí, se puede

~ ~ ~ ~ Namaste


Anonymous said...

“So what do we do next?” Very Nice Sister Karin, so why doesn’t someone send Brother Barak Obama to 2008 Thanks Giving Council? Why not just deal with the top man in charge then to deal with the Forest Service? Then invite him and his family to come pray with the rest of his brothers & sister on the 4th of July???? Doesn’t he support the rights of the people to FREELY ASSEMBLE!

“Thanksgiving Council to discuss this subject.” Here’s the directions sis go for it:
“2008 ThanksGiving Council directions

Monday, November 17, 2008, 7:11 PM
Dear Family,

You are invited to attend this year's ThanksGiving Council at
"Frenchy's old place" outside Tres Piedres and Taos New Mexico.

Here are the directions:

From Taos: Past the traffic signal at the north of town
go northwest approx 24 miles on Highway 64. One block west
of The Colorado Road turn right and go 1/4 mile north.
You're there!

From Tres Piedres: Go 3 1/2 miles eastward on Highway
64. Turn north one block west west of The Colorado Road and
go 1/4 mile. You're there!

Days should be sunny and cool and nights will be
F-r-i-g-i-d. Come prepared for cold nights. Bring water and
those who can, bring firewood too. There is some indoor
accomodation and some tipi/tenting for those with warm gear.
There is space for live-in vehicles. As usual all donations
will be accepted and used in a cooperative manner

We'll have Thanksgiving dinner and circle on
Thanksgiving and start counciling Friday morning. That
should continue thru Saturday and wind up Sunday sometime.
Bring food to share, maps and all the best ideas for
discussion. We become the Family we want to be by listening
to each other!

There is no land line phone there, but some cell phones get

Travel safely and we will see you there!

Peace and Love,
New Mexico Rainbow Family”

Life’s Over Venturing Enlightenment - LOVE!
Luv’ins & Hug’ins Marty Rev. Of Love

Anonymous said...

Someone should apply for Mark Rey's job.

Anonymous said...

Oh I live so close to Frenchy's Old Place.. Wish I knew about the meeting sooner!
Was there a place decided upon yet?

In Colorado, you have to buy a pass just to go into the mountains and walk around or have a picnic.

What is the standard for New Mexico? Must one buy a pass?

CU in 2009!

Karin Zirk said...

If you want to know how the general processes for landing on a site for the gathering works, visit last year's blog

Anonymous said...

unfortune it ly somepeople (all are brothers and sisters) are not going to get to NM in 09 BUT if they were to have a gathering across from the white house with tourist and vets and all others to view and ask questions and learn with an invitationto the gov reps and maybee a video link to the front agte or kids village like the peace room that was in moscow and DC or NYC NY the pres and wife and family could tune in to the truth the whole truth everybody please brain storm together we know everything and even know what we dont know so we the world can yes we can

Anonymous said... feel free to say hello! the gathering is not decided, yet. In the meantime, there are holding camps of less than 75 people spread throughout the state and in Colorodo and Arizona. Don't believe the hype. It's happening and it's live. Forest Service Road 87 all the way until about June 10th! all other on this site may be outdated! 87 is alive and well, !!!!!nuffsaid!!!

Anonymous said...

Stay with for updates. Still folks in Taos area. Looks like closer to Santa Fe/CUBA!

tao cahnger said...

who cares, its all maya, after you go to a dozen or so its all "neti neti" ...great place for ideologues and young folks who havent figured out yet that they are in a universe where there are in fact no rules....not even "counter culture" rules...let the ego spew, it like all else is a brief phenomenon given by the breath maker....if not now when, if not here where?..must you really go to a "gathering" to experience unity with the one? or is this more about sex and weed etc? At least call it wat it really is, and make yo yos like plunker et al find a new dead horse to beat

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if there is cell phone coverage at the 2009 national site? Thank you!

vitaminB17 said...

Oscama help the evolved and loving?!?! not a chance, ever!!
it's so sad that people put faith in him to begin with. he'll have us all killed before making the gathering a safe place and that is no exaggeration. need proof? look into how he and his cousin Odinga burned christian women and children alive in a church. you think i'm joking???? look it up.
Oscama has monsanto as Dept. of Agriculture. a dual citizen mossad agent as chief of staff. hillary clinton. his handler is brezinski. rainbow is fucked until we wake up and run these murderers out of reality.

peace to the peaceful