Thursday, November 27, 2008

Grandma Brigade

Those of you who've been to gatherings in the last couple of years are familiar with "crusty corner." I love those kids, but we're ending up with a generation gap at the gathering and if we don't deal with it soon, we're going to loose our future. I spoke to various people about the generation gap in Wyoming and since and realize that the grandmas are guiding the way.

I call it the "grandma brigade" and it's our wonderfully cool, wise and loving grandmas hanging out with our younger family. I don't see this as grandmas giving unwanted advise to the younger generation, but just makeing friends, creating a connection and being a "grandma" to a bunch of kids who don't seem to have a lot of grandma energy in their lives.

In New Mexico, I'd love to see roaming gangs of grandmas kicking it at Phat Kids or Shutup and Eat It or Death Camp. Our grandmas are our strength and we desperately need them wandering around our gathering and hanging out at campfires, sitting with folks at trade circle and sharing their physical energy.

Grandmas of the gathering, we need you. Please come out and join the Grandma Brigade.


Jasmine flower faerie said...

I agree.
thank you thank you thank you.<3

Anonymous said...

Having said that, how about ideas like this one, to possibly make a more peaceful cordone around FS situations that may arise (provoked or not)?

Mine entails the creation of a Free Hugs Brigade, which engages the enraged and invites them to dialogue and actual answers to go towards, rather than getting angry at the decoys, er, implementers of State policy, er, the FS soldiers.

A Free Hug brigade could do the usual surround, yet do it as a way to possibly insulate against agent provacateurs and the like. While at the same time having a camp and/or circles to invite the enraged to.

The hugging gauntlet practiced in '06, might also come into play.

The thing is to find ways to treat fellow Rainbows with dignity while at the same time possibly inspring them/us to respond to State tactics in ways that prove most crucial.

What do others think?

If I could have, I would have started a new thread on this. Maybe you can put it up that way?!