Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Possible Secretary of Agriculture

Tim LaSalle is CEO of Rodale Institute, a 60-year-old organization dedicated to researching and educating farmers and consumers about sustainable agriculture. He holds his doctorate in depth psychology at Pacifica Graduate Institute, a master’s in populations genetics from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, and a bachelor of science degree from California Polytechnic State University. For 12 years, he was a full professor at Cal Poly, where he taught dairy science classes and served as the president and CEO of California’s Agriculture Education Foundation. While at Cal Poly, LaSalle started and operated a conventional dairy near Templeton, California. More recently, LaSalle served in an executive capacity with various nonprofit organizations, including the Environmental Center of San Luis Obispo County and the Allan Savory Center for Holistic Management.

Keep in mind that in our bizarre world, the Secretary of the Dept of Agriculture oversees the National Forests as well as farming issues.

Make your two cents heard here. YOUR VISION
Word on the street is that Sarah Palin came out of a blog posting, so anything is possible.
For those not in the know, check out Pacifica online It's a really cool place. Kind of Harvard meets Haight Street.
For a list of other possibilities, try these links
Yale Sustainable Food Project

Diet Detective
Yahoo News Article

And if you really want some play, visit the Executive Director of the Sierra Club's blog and give him some feedback as to the type of person we want for these key positions under Obama


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