Monday, November 17, 2008

Thanksgiving Council Directions

Dear Family,

You are invited to attend this year's ThanksGiving Council at "Frenchy's old place" outside Tres Piedres and Taos New Mexico.

Here are the directions:

From Taos: Past the traffic signal at the north of town go northwest approx 24 miles on Highway 64. One block west of The Colorado Road turn right and go 1/4 mile north. You're there!

From Tres Piedres: Go 3 1/2 miles eastward on Highway 64. Turn north one block west west of The Colorado Road and go 1/4 mile. You're there!

Days should be sunny and cool and nights will be F-r-i-g-i-d. Come prepared for cold nights. Bring water and those who can, bring firewood too. There is some indoor accomodation and some tipi/tenting for those with warm gear. There is space for live-in vehicles. As usual all donations will be accepted and used in a cooperative manner

We'll have Thanksgiving dinner and circle on Thanksgiving and start counciling Friday morning. That should continue thru Saturday and wind up Sunday sometime. Bring food to share, maps and all the best ideas for discussion. We become the Family we want to be by listening to each other!

There is no land line phone there, but some cell phones get service.

Travel safely and we will see you there!

Peace and Love,

New Mexico Rainbow Family

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JeSais said...

nights are down around freezing or below. Low tonite 25 degrees.... and that's in Albuquerque. It may warm up by next weekend though. Maybe back up to the 30s at night! :-)