Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Hipstorical Perspective of USFS Workings

In 1997, the annual gathering of the tribes was held in Oregon. This was after the group use regulations went into effect and we definitely had conflicts with the USFS over the issue. Unfortunately a woman in Portland's whose kids where at the gathering signed a permit because she was fearful.

At any rate, that was the last year the USFS Incident Commander, Mike Lohrey, was from the Resource side of the USFS (instead of law enforcement). In his final report, the incident commander stated that he thought the group use regulations hindered the USFS in their efforts to interact with us. None of this is news and there's a lot more to the story from my perspective. But I just discovered that the Street Corner Society has a huge collection of the USFS documents from that gathering and they are available online for your reading.

I highly recommend anyone interested in USFS/Rainbow relations, group use regs, or where to go next, stop by and visit.

Happy reading!