Saturday, April 18, 2009

Rainbow Gathering Documentary

My how times have changed. When I first started participating in gatherings, we were very anti-video and anti-photography.

After years of escalating harassment by the United States Forest Service (USFS) branch of Law Enforcement, many people have taken to trying to record much of the harassment. It's helped many a person have felony charges dismissed for such made up things as inciting a riot (i.e. oming in an officer's presence) and other such insanity.

Last year in Wyoming, we had a crew filming a documentary on the gathering. It was probably a great year for such an endeavour as in my opinion, last year was such a beautiful gathering in many ways and it erupted with the most extreme violence from the USFS cops we've experienced. I'm not sure when it's going to be released, but if you're interested, you can visit their website We Love You Film.

As I haven't seen the film, I have no opinion to offer. Once I've seen it, I'll offer my two cents.


joan said...

Hi Karin,
There have been films, videos and documentaries taken at gatherings since the very first in 1972. The standard was to ask permission before photographing or filming gatherers. These days the courts seem to feel that talking video or photography on public lands is a freedom. Unfortunately some people take advantage of this. The film crew of this documentary was very respectful at the Wyoming Gathering and even went to main circle to talk about what they were doing. The director/producer, Jonathan, attends Rainbow Gatherings and knows the deal. The film crew got a lot of nice shots and the documentary is good. Actions of the Law Enforcement Officers around camp and especially in the kid village shootout are very well covered. The film is still in the works, hopefully it will be finished in time for this coming gathering.
love 'n hugs,

Anonymous said...

The current plan is to do an "unofficial" release of as many DVDs as I can get spun off at the Annual this year. These will be free of course and not be copy protected and my hope is that those who can't get one at the gathering can get one from a friend with a DVD burner. This feels right. I don't have any plans to do a distribution deal or even sell it mail order myself. Hopefully, it will play some festivals and art house cinemas and people will have a chance to see it on a big screen cause our cinematographer was great and we shot in HD so the majesty of the the people and the place really come off in large format. Eventually, probably a year out from now I'm thinking I will put it up on Vimeo in HD.
~~ From the director/producer