Thursday, May 21, 2009

Rainbow Rumor Mill

We've kicked into high gear on the Rainbow rumor mill. I myself have to remember to verify information before distributing it in order to ensure I'm sharing accurate info. I recommend you verify any rumors you hear from multiple sources so you don't drive hundreds of miles out of your way.

Scouting is on going in New Mexico. We should have directions to Spring Council (starts on June 10) towards the end of the first week of June. Scouting is happening and sounds like there is a great crew out and about doing awesome work. Thank you family!

Now would be the perfect time to fix your camping equipment, make sure your car is 100% legal and you have a licensed and insured driver. Don't ignore any detail. Last year, the Forest Service wrote mandatory court appearance tickets for beads hanging from rear view mirrors and broken turn signals. So unless you like the Forest Service Monkey Court game, get those cars in tip top shape and avoid a trip to town.


mamasuse said...

howdy, Karin,
I thought that seemed a bit too early for such an announcement.....i appreciate your speedy acknowledgement of your mistake. you are always teaching us!

mama T said...

Thanks Karin, You help me keep my dream alive and my feet on the planet. LOVE LOVE LOVE'N YOU