Monday, May 25, 2009

Tips from a Brother in Flagstaff

A good number of folks will likely be coming thru Flagstaff on I -40 heading east, I would offer the following info: As per your posts on fire conditions in SOCAL, and the Gila; its bone dry heading thru Flagstaff as well.

Avoid fires unless absolutely necessary here as well. There's lots of camping here but virtually no water available. An earlier post mentioned Sante Fe and Albuquerque as likely major provisioning points for New Mexico. For folks coming thru Flagstaff from the west, there is a brand new "New Frontiers" about 1 mile west of the trafiic light at the Butler Street exit of I-40. They have your organic everything, veges, bulk grains, juice, coffee, etc. The only downer about this place is its right next door to the cop shop and jail.

There is also a Farmers Market on 4th Street. There is a large rest area at about milepost 182-184 on I-40 eastbound between Williams and Flagstaff. Good for a pitstop with potty and water, however there's no overnights. Everyone should be aware that both sides of Flagstaff on I-40 are patrolled heavily for smugglers. I can field other questions about passing thru N. AZ. Email Star for more info.


Retro hack said...

We will be going southern Utah and Colorado onto NM..with any luck!
We just hope it is close to Taos.
Coming from the Coast of Oregon...

JeSais said...

organic and local:

La Montanita Coop has stores in Gallup, Santa Fe, Albuquerque (2 stores).

And in Taos, Cids

Anonymous said...

hah, bailed a son out of that jail by new frontiers just a year ago! looking forward to our first rainbow gathering and appreciating all the tips available!
gardenvariety (in kingman)