Monday, June 15, 2009

On Parking and Law Enforcement

When you get to the gathering, there will be an awesome crew trying to help you get your car in a safe place where it won't get ticketed and/or towed. Please listen to what they have to say. They may have tips on what to do or not do to avoid getting pulled over by law enforcement. Please listen to what they have to say. If they tell you things that seem wacky - don't blow it off. The only reason the crew is mentioning this to you is because someone else got busted, ticketed, and/or towed for doing what they are telling you not to do. Please listen to what they have to say if you don't want to go to court.

Once there, please be aware that the USFS is fickle and sometimes change their mind about where and how cars can be parked, so the car you parked according to the program on Tuesday, may be illegally parked by Friday.

Any changes to parking rules are generally announced at Dinner Circle. Or stop by Info and ask them what the current parking situation is like.

There will be people working very hard to make sure your car doesn't get towed, but you need to take the time to plug into the info (or not).

If you are physically handicapped, please tell the parking crew/front gate crew you are physically handicapped so they can direct you accordingly.

Once you've been at the gathering for a day or two and your tent is set up, make sure to take a shift with Front Gate and/or the Parking Crew so you can welcome someone home in the way you were welcomed.

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