Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Permits

First my personal opinion on permits. If I alter my behavior in regards to the gathering to obtain a signed permit or to prevent a permit from being signed, then I've already abdicated my energy to the forest service and the government. If however, I participate in a gathering to the best of my ability, do what needs to be done for my family and the land on which we gather, listen to the voices of the ancestors and keep in mind the dreams of the children, then I am refusing to let my life be controlled by the government.

All this being said, here's an update on the permit situation. A long time gatherer from New Mexico made an unsigned application for use of the gathering site. Attached to his application was a copy of the letter Mark Rey wrote last year indicating that waiving the signature requirement is not outside the existing group use regulations. Copies of Rey's letter are available here.

The long time gatherer's application was denied. Another person made an application with a signature designating him/her a "duly authorized representative of the group", which the forest service accepted. A group use permit for the site upon which we are gathered has been issued to this unknown person. This makes the gathering "legal" in the eyes of the forest service (for better or worse).

If in the course of your gathering experience you encounter this unknown person, feel free to share your thoughts on what this person did in a respectful non-violent manner. We are peace people and we need to create peace even when others are not treating us peacefully.

Be the peace you wish to see in this world.


Anonymous said...

If I understand what is written here? Some "unnamed" individual has applied for, and been issued, a permit ~ for thousands of folks to gather on the land in NM, this summer of 2009? Is there something 'wrong' with this reality? Would someone care to explain - pros and cons of this situation? Thanx...

Anonymous said...

why is it so hard to follow simple rules??? When you go camping/hiking/backpacking - you get permits which are free which explain rules/regs/safety stuff... don't know why this is any different? And no, I am not a "sheep" and I have a college degree.. I guess the reason you don't go to state parks is because you know you wouldn't be able to do what you do on Nat. Forest Lands and get away with it???? hmmmm

Anonymous said...

Well, I think the person who signed the permit wants a peaceful loving event to ensue and was thoughtful enough to sign for that to happen. With out a permit..there is no permission and now the family can work well with the Forest Service to have a great gathering, that is if the people who come to the gathering care for each other, the space they occupy and the forest. If 400,000 could get along at Woodstock (40th anniversary) then this gathering should be peaceful and non confrontaional too. Yeah to that person!