Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On Workshops

All people with knowledge to share are invited to teach a workshop at the Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico. Find a spot that works for you - maybe the kitchen where you are camped, a spot under a beautiful tree, or in the meadow. Pick your time. Post signs about your workshop at Info. While people are eating at Dinner Circle, walk the circle and announce your workshop.

Some people organize their workshops ahead of time like CAMP BAHA - who have their workshop schedule on a website, covering such topics as Islamic Prophesies or The Rainbow Oracle. Other people decide at noon to focalize a workshop that evening on how to build a fire. The topics range from native plants and herbal healing to drum making and African dance or ......

Don't be shy. Share the wisdom you have accumulated from your years of living on this earth with others. Don't be shy. Take a workshop on a topic on which you know nothing. Share what we have with each other.


G-Slice said...

I will be going to the Montana 2013 Gathering hopefully. I would love to share my knowledge and passion of hula hooping. I don't know where to start, is there a spinner circle?

Karin said...

Go to Information. There will be a map there of what camps are where. If you don't see a spinner circle, ask folks. Or just post something on the workshop schedule as to when and where you'll be sharing your knowledge and passion.