Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Review of tonight's town meeting

This report was sent to me by a friend who was at the town meeting tonight.

Just got back.

From my perspective the meeting went very well. Several of the people I spoke with in the town had already seen some of the YouTube videos-- the same ones that G brought on DVD -interviews with town folk from previous gatherings...

The questions were reasonable-- ranging from asking about Emergency services, and if town folk would be left high and dry (they won't) to how security is handled and trash and traffic. Everyone seemed pleased with the answers provided from all.

One of the LEOs from DC I think seemed a little aggitated, but I talked to him after and he was ok. He knows you, says you're "a nice lady" his name is Gene Smithson a good ole boy from W. Virginia.

The guy that was with the USFS in Tres Piedras during the last Gathering was very positive about their experience... had a slide show presentation and talked a lot about how the forest was
rehabilitated... even a couple of months after the event. And that a year later if you didn't know thousands had been on the land, you never would know.

Lawrence Lujan is the Information officer. I got on the press release update list, and will forward his info to you as well. He is very nice. Getting his masters in public policy and just finished his thesis on core values in public policy.


Anonymous said...

Forgot to mention...

USFE is are supposed to update the website with current info and press releases:
but I've not seen any info regarding Rainbow Gathering

and a representative from Homeland Security was there as well... wouldn't want too much love and peach now would we?

Anonymous said...

Is there cell phone coverage inside the gathering?

Anonymous said...

cell phone use in the area is spotty at best.

Anonymous said...

alltell is the only cell coverage that is the best in the area