Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Council Information

Spring Council for the Annual Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes starts June 10 near Cuba, New Mexico.

Spring Council is the process by which people on the land pick the gathering site based on information provided to them at the council. Either a consensus or a vote by foot type of decision is reached. Until spring council picks a site, there is no answer to the question, where will the gathering be? This year spring council starts June 10. People with information on sites from scouting will bring that information to the people on the land, and those present will decide where to go.

As with all things Rainbow, everyone is invited to participate in the process. If you come, please be self-sufficient and have your own food and drinking water.

Directions from Albuquerque:

Take I-25 north to U.S. Highway 550. Go north on U.S. Highway 550 approximately 65 miles to State Highway 126 (Cuba, NM).

From where State Highway 126 meets U.S. Highway 550 , go east about 15 miles on 126, look for the sign for FS 20, (the 'G.S.' sign is there also), turn onto FS 20, cross Rio Las Vacas, come to Trail Creek about five miles from where the pavement ends. Travel safely.

Here is an alternate set of directions from Cuba.

From Cuba NM take Hwy 11 south about 6miles. Turn left, east, on to Hwy 78 toward san miguel, for about 2miles. Turn left, north, on to FSR 20. Stay on FSR20. Roughly 8miles later you'll see that people are already there.

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