Saturday, June 20, 2009

The USFS Side of the Story

In case you haven't seen it yet, the Forest Service has their annual Rainbow gathering page up on their website.
Click here to see it.

They also have a: Rainbow Information Center at (505) 438-5685 where they give out info on the management of the gathering. Anyone got a question to ask? like why all the harrassment/ them.

Contact the Public Affairs Officer
Lawrence M. Lujan
Public Affairs Specialist
Santa Fe National Forest
Ph: (505) 438-5321
Fx: (505) 438-5390


Anonymous said...

It is spooky how even with video cameras on they (i.e. leos, cops ect.) just about wipe their ass with our constitution. At a gathering you have no rights and are guilty by association. They see you not as who you are but wonder what your guilty of.

Anonymous said...

did you read it?

"Effective Friday, June 19, at 8 a.m., a one-way travel route will be used from the junction of Forest
Road (FR) 69 and FR 70 west to the San Gregorio trailhead."
quote from:

Anonymous said...

OK I just got back.... returning later... but the one-way actually works fine. They are allowing Family to run a shuttle -- not sure if that is organized or not. The road is very narrow, so two way would be scary - and I have a small car.

Leaving out-- to continue on the one way is a little longer, but a beautiful drive. More gravel, a little slower going but not bad.

Anonymous said...

Is there cell phone coverage inside the gathering?

Shana said...

How come no word from the site? Checking every link, every day, and nothing in almost a week?

Anonymous said...

Just posted photos and info for MO 'alternate' gathering location - Rippee Access WMA, southeast of Ava, MO...on, rainbow tribe...seeking current update for/from NM location? No word in about a week? what does this mean? Last input was about hundreds appearing in Albuquerque court, Monday June 22 - was all family jailed, or run off the mountain?

Anonymous said...

cell phone coverage is spotty inside the gathering

Anonymous said...

Could someone please post about the parking/walking in and out situation....
I am planning to come for the day
and am wondering what the situation will be getting back to my car in the evening
will there be some sort of shuttle or way I won't have to walk alone thru the dark?