Monday, June 1, 2009

Young Rainbow Brother Drowns at Regional

Technically this has nothing to do with the Rainbow gathering happening in New Mexico, but over the Memorial Day weekend there was a regional gathering in Northern California and a 3 year old drown in the creek.

Here's the current plea for support for the family that's circulating. Do with it as our heart tells you to. Much love to Gabriel and his family.
The fund drive for Gabriel's coffin and funeral services is crawling at a slow pace, so this is an urgent plea for your help in raising the fund's needed so he can be laid to rest. For updates see The coffin alone costs $1587.87 and the burial costs are $1602.00 additional. As of right now, we have raised $320.00 which is a far cry from what is needed to allow Gabriel's funeral to go forward. Please family, tell everyone you know to contribute something right away. Paypal or visit the blog for instructions on other ways to donate.

This is most urgent! We only have till Tuesday at 5pm Pacific Time, June 2 to pay for the coffin so Gabriel's body can be released for burial. Please show your compassion now when it is much needed. I'm going to be standing on corners with posters for the next three days till the funeral alongside Raven, and we need your help.


Anonymous said...

Strange how a child surrounded by so much supposed love and light and thousands of supposedly competent adults would drown.

Anonymous said...

this was a very small regional gathering under 25 person at the time and, spread throughout a large campground area...