Friday, July 31, 2009

Cleanup Letter from USFS

The attached jpegs contain the clean up sign off letter from the 2009 gathering in New Mexico.

Please download and distribute this information freely. A great big shout out to the clean up crew. You are my heros.


Frank H. Lucido M.D. said...

Great report!
Sorry I missed this year's gathering, and hope to make next year's!
Frank H. Lucido MD
Family Practice since 1979
Medical Cannabis Consultation
Expert Witness
Berkeley Ca 94704
510.848.0958 (by appointment only)

feather said...

Karin, Garrick and all Family,
I'm so, so proud of the fantastic cleanup....we get better & better each year! Cleanup has always been my favorite part of the full lotus of the Gatherings: doing what needs to be done to restore the natural state of the land working elbow to elbow with the best, most humble brothers and sisters. It was so hard to miss this year's Gathering held in my old stomping grounds, but I have the honor of caring for my 96 year old Dad and he is recuperating beautifully from recent congestive heart failure and squamish cell skin cancer surgery and was in no condition to travel. Yesterday we had a great birthday celebration on the Blackfoot River for Ray, Sunny's son-in law, with Chuck, Sunny, Barry, Sue & many of our Montana family & we brought my Dad. He LOVED it!!
Rainbows of Love to All, Feather
I would love to hear your stories of the NM '09!! or

feather said...

p.s. Rick and I did a pipe ceremony at 12 noon on the Fourth & connected spiritually with everyone in the circle and all the rest of us out in the world who were also praying ...I have goosebumps right now reexperiencing the power of our collective prayer for World Peace. Shine on Rainbows everywhere!! See ya next year!

Graciela said...

I'm so greatfull to everyone who were able to stay for clean up. This was only my second gathering and it was absolutely magical. I hope to stay longer next year and to help with clean up. Blessings to you,
Graciela Valderrama
Former teacher of Spanish and actress in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Jack said...

I am so, so proud of the fantastic cleanup.Keep it going..Thanks for sharing with us..

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