Sunday, July 12, 2009

My letter to Lisa Law

Hi Lisa,

It was with great dismay that I learned you participated in signing a permit for the recent Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico. I would have hoped that with your years of counter culture experience you would know better than to butt you nose into issues that are none of your business. Furthermore, the people who have been gathering for many years were engaged in a plan to force legal action and allow us our day in court. Your complete ignorance of the problems you caused left us without legal recourse at present and undid years worth of work.

I can only hope that someone will prosecute you for falsifying the permit application you made since it is clearly a violation of federal law to lie on the permit. In no way are you or have you ever been a "duly authorized representative of the group."

At this time I would like to request a fax number so I may send you a bill for the services I rendered at the gathering. Since you were the permit holder and since I did not agree to work for free for you, I think it's only fair that you reimburse me for the time I spent performing Shanti Sena at your event.

I would also request that you remove my image from youtube - you filmed me walking with the cops of the 4th of July - without my permission. Since you have copyrighted that video, I am refusing to allow my image to be used. Nothing I do at the gathering is for personal gain. Either immediately place all video footage of my person into the creative commons or remove it from public use immediately.

With no respect for you or your actions,

Karin Zirk


bob said...

WOW !!!

Good letter, Karin !

I hope someone does prosecute her.

I'm no lawyer (obviously), but could you sue her for wages for the services you performed at "her" event ?

Keep up the good work ! You probably don't get much feedback, but know that you and your efforts ARE appreciated !



rastafam said...


A Michael Piper said...

Loving YOU, Karin...


Anonymous said...

Wow, so much hate. I thought you were a loving group.
Why do rainbows hate the government, but are willing to take every handout they can from them. Isn't this a contradiction??? I live in Cuba and only say cash being spent at the liquor store. Beggars everywhere! I work hard, why should I pay for your vacation?
How did all of your praying heal the land? We have parvo now and unsuspecting tourists with dogs are going to be at risk. What good did you do while you were in our town?

Anonymous said...

Yay for Karin!!!

To the brother from Cuba...
You should have come out to the site. That's where the real energy and magic is at. What you saw was a very narrow view of the total Rainbow experience. I personally gave extra cash to a couple of store owners on my way through town to the gathering. I told them.... "here's a few extra bucks in case anyone comes through town and has no money, I'd like to buy them some coffee or a bite to eat. If you see anyone like that please extend them my greetings".

Now.. you say you saw no money being spentn except at the liquor store?... Well my friend you should read your local paper. I saw a story about how we were ordering tons of food from one local grocer. I know people who were going to town daily to bring back as much supplies (not booze) as their car could carry!

You say all you saw were a bunch of beggars... Really??
You must have selective vision... You had to walk past all those brothers and sisters in town buying supplies and completely ignore them. Perhaps they just looked like normal tourists to you and so you didn't associate them with the gathering. Well Brother, Rainbows are essentially tourists in some sense. So I'm sure you had to walk past quite a few to see the "beggars". On that note.. Even if there were some people asking for your spare change... WHERE DID YOU THINK THEY WERE GOING TO SPEND IT??? SOMEWHERE FAR AWAY?
So yes.. it's your free choice to not give your hard earned money away. Just like it's their choice to ask you for it.. and if someone else decides to give them some change it's their free choice too!

What good did we do? Well, I'm not even going to try to explain how the energy of a large group of people can slowly change the dynamic of a culture or laws of a nation. We as a group don't "hate" the government or even the police really. I think that too many of us as individuals have been harassed or screwed over by "The Man" too many times and so we are distrustful and skeptical at times that any government officials would have our best interests at heart. For some people this can cause their actions to look like hate from the outside. I think it's really fear, anger, or a combination of negative experiences that causes people to behave in a way you see as "hateful". In so many ways this is what we come to the Gathering for. To gather as a community, to heal from the slings and arrows of daily life, and to cultivate a sense of love for your fellow brothers and sisters. You may not see this as a result of your time in town, but it is happening. I have seen young brothers who were full of anger and fear, who picked fights all the time or were dependent on drugs of some kind. I have seen them change over the years. It didn't happen all at once but over time they became much more peaceful and loving toward their fellow human beings. I too have been changed forever. My heart has been opened and I've learned a greater sense of compassion for every living thing.

After reading your post again I don't think you will get that kind of "woo woo" thinking. You seem like you want more hard evidence. OK...
Let's see, after all is said and done, if the local Cuba economy got a bump up in an otherwise hard year, compared to other little towns in your state.
Maybe that is enough for the nay-sayers to see the gathering as a good thing for their area.
But I guess if all you want to focus on is the negative then that is all you will EVER see!

It's a shame that the gathering will be farther away from you next year.. I am thinking you could benefit from coming for a while and seeing the other side of life.

I send you my blessings brother bear, and hope that your heart and mind find the peace you so desire!

Loving you all,

~Circus Maximus

Anonymous said...

Q: how does the Rainbow family say FU@K YOU?

A: "Loving you"