Saturday, June 20, 2009

The USFS Side of the Story

In case you haven't seen it yet, the Forest Service has their annual Rainbow gathering page up on their website.
Click here to see it.

They also have a: Rainbow Information Center at (505) 438-5685 where they give out info on the management of the gathering. Anyone got a question to ask? like why all the harrassment/ them.

Contact the Public Affairs Officer
Lawrence M. Lujan
Public Affairs Specialist
Santa Fe National Forest
Ph: (505) 438-5321
Fx: (505) 438-5390

Friday, June 19, 2009

Public Transit to Cuba from Albuqurque

Just an FYI, the New Mexico Rail Runner will get a person out of Albuqurque and to US Highway 550. Here's the link Call the Rail Runner for transit info 1-866-795-RAIL (7245).

From the Sandoval County/US 550 Station, you can catch Bus # 8 to Cuba on US Highway 550. There's not a lot of runs of route 8 so you should call head for details Sandoval Easy Express information: 1-877-660-1110 or click here.

There also seems to be a lot of ride activity on the ABQ Craigs List - Including a local offering rides to the gathering for $$.

Topo Map of the Site

A kind brother has a bunch of topo maps of the site that he's planning on updating with locations of things. Click here to get to it.

Gathering with Kids by Info Karen

My good friend, Info Karen, put together today's guest blog post -- not to confuse anyone but there are two of us living in San Diego. Karen with an "E" and me - Karin with an "I". Since Info Karen has kids, she graciously agreed to put together today's guest post for those of you coming home with kids. If this helped you, please stop by Info when you're at the gathering and thank her.

Here is some advice for folks wanting to bring young kids to the Gathering. It is especially directed at first time Gatherers since a few requests of this type have come my way, but there is lots of good advice for anyone with kids. More ideas? Add them in the comment section.

I have three sons, one is 6 years and twins who are 3. This will be my first time attending a Gathering with all three, but I have gone with my eldest when he was an infant and when he was 3.

When you get first arrive at the Gathering, you will be shown a meadow to park in, and you will likely need to hike in with your first load. Get a baby backpack to carry your littlest ones in. We personally plan to bring the kids, the tent and our plates, cups and utensils on the first load, plus whatever else we can manage. We each will wear a kid on our backs. I will stay at the tent site while the hubby goes out for another load. While he is gone I will put the tent up.

You can camp anywhere with kids, but it is especially nice to camp at Kid Village. It is a drug-free, peaceful area that serves three good kid-friendly meals every day. Kid Village is easy to find. Ask anyone. When you get to Kid Village ask the folks there where there are some good tent spots. They will direct you.

At Kid Village, they serve three kid-friendly meals a day, and usually have a little play area with seesaws and swings made from downed trees and rope. There is also usually a sit-down potty there (people just call toilet areas "shitters" so sorry if your child goes home spouting that word!! For adults, shitters are long trenches that you straddle. It’s nice to wear skirts if you want to have a little privacy cover! :)

You will want to bring, for each of you, a dish, a spoon and a cup. If you drink coffee, make it a thermal one with a lid. If you can put a carabineer on your cup, it’s nice to always have it hanging from your belt. Each of you adults will want a day pack to carry around all day with the stuff you need. Usually, you pack your daypack for the day and go out wandering. You may head back to the tent for naptime, but you will want to take your dishes, your water bottle, and whatever diapers or things you need for the day with you when you leave your tent in the morning.

For dishes, most people bring just a bowl. But after many years of gathering, I have discovered that the very best bowl is a tupperware or similar container with a lid. This way, if you can't get to a dishwashing station right away, you can pop the lid on and toss it in your bag without dirtying anything inside. We found plate-shaped containers with three divided sections which is nice if you get soup and something else. It keeps them divided.

If you use disposable diapers, I would bring a double thick bag (one inside the other, to damper the smell) with some kind of clasp that can be put on and taken off numerous times, to keep your dirties in. You will need to hike this heavy bag out at the end, as
there are no trash stations inside the gathering.

Everyone carries their own trash out. Depending on how long you stay, a full bag of dirty diapers can be one whole load! If you use cloth diapers, I have seen people wash them out in five gallon buckets and hang them on clotheslines hung between trees. Bring rope and a bucket. Kid Village might have a community bucket to wash dirties, but I don't know if they do or if folks bring their own.

Stop in at the Info Booth for a map of the site and any questions you have. Every evening you will see a large circle gather in the main meadow for dinner. Most kitchens will bring their food down to the dinner circle and serve there. Bring your dishes! Pregnant or nursing Mamas and folks with children are asked to come to the center of the circle before the food is served to get first dibs. Don’t be shy. Come forward when it is announced and get your kid a plateful of good food!

For small babies, it’s not common, but I have seen people bring a playpen and hike it in. That way you can set the baby down somewhere clean for awhile. You might consider bringing one and leaving it in the car. Then you can decide if you want to hike it in or not. A lightweight bouncy chair might be a simpler idea, or perhaps a Moses basket?

Another nice thing to have is some kind of pop-up kid's backyard tent. They pack down
tiny and could be used to lay the baby down to sleep if you are out wandering and want to take a break, or give him/her some shade. We also napped our three year old in one the last time we went. It was handy, and kept us from having to go and sit quietly outside the tent for 3 hours every day. We are using two this year to nap our twins separately during the afternoon, because if they nap together, they will just play in the tent.

You should have water bottles you can carry around for your family. You can fill them up at any kitchen. Look for a giant cooler on the kitchen counter with a spigot. Bring sun block, wide brimmed children’s hats, bug spray and sun glasses. We are bringing those new 200 hour LED flashlights for our littlest boys who will of course want to have one of their own when they see ours. They can accidentally leave it on for hours and it won’t use up the batteries. Sandals that can get wet or water shoes are great for playing in the stream.

Also bring warm sleeping bags. It gets down to 40 at night. We always bring thermal underwear to sleep in. When our son was a baby, and we worried about the safety of sleeping bags, we slept him in a down-filled, winter outdoor snow suit, wearing a hat, with a blanket over him. That way I wasn't worried about losing him down in the sleeping bag or have him scoot out into the cold at night. Beware of using any kind of gas heater inside your tent as the fumes inside a closed tent can be deadly.

Have a blast! It’s a great way to immerse your kids in wild nature!

-Info Karen, Mom to three exuberant boys-

Please comment below with any questions or great ideas or parent-hacks of your own!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

LEOs on the prowl

Message from a friend at the gathering
Resource is best ever. Leo is as bad as ever cat and mouse despite the permit as we stated permits are no easier on us. As years past they follow you find any reason to stop you even if need to invent one then sorry if find you in compliance. Then once stopped they get the dog out claim it gave the positive hit sign thus do not need permission to search. If find nothing after making a mess and a lost hour and traffic jam they say you must have at one time picked up a passenger who at one time was holding. Totally bogus. I saw the dogs a few times and I happen to know the positive signal No such signal was present. Just excuse to search illegally feeling that some will be a positive HIT. Total scam. PS town is very friendly. Road is nice but SCARY thin and blind curves and killer drop off edges if on coming car swerves. I take 103 then 70 better rd few miles longer.

Review of tonight's town meeting

This report was sent to me by a friend who was at the town meeting tonight.

Just got back.

From my perspective the meeting went very well. Several of the people I spoke with in the town had already seen some of the YouTube videos-- the same ones that G brought on DVD -interviews with town folk from previous gatherings...

The questions were reasonable-- ranging from asking about Emergency services, and if town folk would be left high and dry (they won't) to how security is handled and trash and traffic. Everyone seemed pleased with the answers provided from all.

One of the LEOs from DC I think seemed a little aggitated, but I talked to him after and he was ok. He knows you, says you're "a nice lady" his name is Gene Smithson a good ole boy from W. Virginia.

The guy that was with the USFS in Tres Piedras during the last Gathering was very positive about their experience... had a slide show presentation and talked a lot about how the forest was
rehabilitated... even a couple of months after the event. And that a year later if you didn't know thousands had been on the land, you never would know.

Lawrence Lujan is the Information officer. I got on the press release update list, and will forward his info to you as well. He is very nice. Getting his masters in public policy and just finished his thesis on core values in public policy.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Stocking up on medical supplies for the gathering

CALM (Rainbow speak for first aid) is trying to gather supplies to provide free health care at the gathering. Just now, your donation of $10 or more would be much appreciated.

It's much easier to buy supplies ahead of the gathering and if you're at the gathering, you'll be much happier if CALM has that tampon or bee sting kit or other various and sundry supplies. Gathering healers save people's lives when they have heart attacks, help them survive all sorts of allergic reactions and even patch up bo bos for children and grownups alike.

If you can spare $10 or $100, you can donate here.

On my word, any funds donated here will go to purchasing CALM supplies. If you want details on what will be purchased and who is focalizing this efffort, click here. If you would prefer to bring supplies, there are some great wish list items on the website, so check it up and then get shopping. Please don't use the donation link on the website as the account has been closed. Use the link above to donate.

On Workshops

All people with knowledge to share are invited to teach a workshop at the Rainbow Gathering in New Mexico. Find a spot that works for you - maybe the kitchen where you are camped, a spot under a beautiful tree, or in the meadow. Pick your time. Post signs about your workshop at Info. While people are eating at Dinner Circle, walk the circle and announce your workshop.

Some people organize their workshops ahead of time like CAMP BAHA - who have their workshop schedule on a website, covering such topics as Islamic Prophesies or The Rainbow Oracle. Other people decide at noon to focalize a workshop that evening on how to build a fire. The topics range from native plants and herbal healing to drum making and African dance or ......

Don't be shy. Share the wisdom you have accumulated from your years of living on this earth with others. Don't be shy. Take a workshop on a topic on which you know nothing. Share what we have with each other.

Monday, June 15, 2009

On Parking and Law Enforcement

When you get to the gathering, there will be an awesome crew trying to help you get your car in a safe place where it won't get ticketed and/or towed. Please listen to what they have to say. They may have tips on what to do or not do to avoid getting pulled over by law enforcement. Please listen to what they have to say. If they tell you things that seem wacky - don't blow it off. The only reason the crew is mentioning this to you is because someone else got busted, ticketed, and/or towed for doing what they are telling you not to do. Please listen to what they have to say if you don't want to go to court.

Once there, please be aware that the USFS is fickle and sometimes change their mind about where and how cars can be parked, so the car you parked according to the program on Tuesday, may be illegally parked by Friday.

Any changes to parking rules are generally announced at Dinner Circle. Or stop by Info and ask them what the current parking situation is like.

There will be people working very hard to make sure your car doesn't get towed, but you need to take the time to plug into the info (or not).

If you are physically handicapped, please tell the parking crew/front gate crew you are physically handicapped so they can direct you accordingly.

Once you've been at the gathering for a day or two and your tent is set up, make sure to take a shift with Front Gate and/or the Parking Crew so you can welcome someone home in the way you were welcomed.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

On Cleanup

A couple of us put together a report on cleanup of last year's gathering in Wyoming. This report is available online. Enjoy!

On Permits

First my personal opinion on permits. If I alter my behavior in regards to the gathering to obtain a signed permit or to prevent a permit from being signed, then I've already abdicated my energy to the forest service and the government. If however, I participate in a gathering to the best of my ability, do what needs to be done for my family and the land on which we gather, listen to the voices of the ancestors and keep in mind the dreams of the children, then I am refusing to let my life be controlled by the government.

All this being said, here's an update on the permit situation. A long time gatherer from New Mexico made an unsigned application for use of the gathering site. Attached to his application was a copy of the letter Mark Rey wrote last year indicating that waiving the signature requirement is not outside the existing group use regulations. Copies of Rey's letter are available here.

The long time gatherer's application was denied. Another person made an application with a signature designating him/her a "duly authorized representative of the group", which the forest service accepted. A group use permit for the site upon which we are gathered has been issued to this unknown person. This makes the gathering "legal" in the eyes of the forest service (for better or worse).

If in the course of your gathering experience you encounter this unknown person, feel free to share your thoughts on what this person did in a respectful non-violent manner. We are peace people and we need to create peace even when others are not treating us peacefully.

Be the peace you wish to see in this world.

Friday, June 12, 2009

To the folks of Cuba, New Mexico


Thank you for having us in your community. I know you may have a lot of questions and concerns. Some long time gathering participants put together a couple of videos that should provide an introduction to the Rainbow Gathering. Together they're less than 15 minutes long and include interviews with long time gatherers as well as people who ran small businesses in the areas near past gatherings.

Click here for part 1. ~ ~ ~ ~ Click here for part 2.

If after watching you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me and I'll do my best to answer any of your questions or connect you up with someone who can. If you would like to talk to gatherers in person, some of them will be at the town meeting on June 17th.

Town Meeting Wednesday, June 17 in Cuba

Often time, gatherers organize a town meeting before the main days of the rainbow gathering. This is a great time for locals to meet gatherers in town, ask questions, make personal connections and share concerns and ideas for creating a positive gathering experience for everyone. This year, the residents of Cuba have put together a town meeting to discuss the upcoming gathering and have told us we are welcome to attend.

A great meeting goes a long way to setting the stage for a positive, peaceful and cooperative rainbow gathering. If you decide to go, please be respectful of those with differing opinions and show the local community that we are peace people.

The meeting takes place on Wednesday, June 17, 2009 starting at 6 PM at the community hall at 45 Highway 126, Cuba New Mexico.

Please don't arrive more than an hour before hand and while you're in town be respectful of the local community. We are guests in their town. If you have shopping to do, be sure and let the people ringing up your purchases know you're in town for the Rainbow Gathering and invite them to come on up when they have a chance. Be an ambassador of peace and love. What we sow, so we reap.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Directions to the Rainbow Gathering

Welcome Home!!

The 38th Annual Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes is at Parque Venado in the Santa Fe National Forest. 24 miles from Cuba, New Mexico.

The site is beautiful, altitude is 8,500 - 9,000 feet. Be prepared for cold nights (low 40's to 50 degrees) Warm days in the mid 80's and sunny. 1/2 hour afternoon thunderstorms most days,
which are downpours, bring good rain gear.

Directions from Albuquerque: Take I-25 north to U.S. Highway 550. Go north on U.S. Highway 550 approximately 65 miles to State Highway 126 (Cuba, NM). From Cuba, NM take State Road 126 East for 13 + miles to FS Road 103 on left, go 2 miles to FS Road 69 on left then drive 9 miles to where FS Road 69 meets FS Road 70. Parts of the road in from Cuba are twisty mountain roads - please drive slow.

To see a topo of the site, click here. For the groovy flyer in PDF, click here.

If you make it to Albuquerque, you can take the New Mexico Rail Runner light rail to U.S. Highway 550 and then catch bus #4 to San Ysidro (about 40 miles south of Cuba on US 550). Call the Rail Runner for transit info 1-866-795-RAIL (7245).

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

On Permits and USFS Double Speak


United States Forest Southwestern Region.
Department of Service Regional Office

333 Broadway SE
Albuquerque, NM 87102
FAX (505) 842 3800
V/TTY (505) 842-3292

File Code: 1550-2/2720-2
Date: June 9, 2009

Santa Fe. NM

Dear Mr. BXXX,

This letter supersedes our previous letter dated June 1, 2009.

Thank you for your email of 4/29 regarding this year's Rainbow Family Gathering. I agree with yon that we should be pursuing a course that will lead to a legal gathering, and one in which Rainbow Family representatives and the Forest Service work cooperatively to ensure that the Gathering is conducted in conformance with a non-commercial group use permit and an operating plan.

You indicated that you have some concern as to who is making decisions in the Forest Service with respect to the Gathering. As I mentioned in previous meetings, it is my direction to the Forests (Gila, Santa Fe, or Carson) that the Gathering will be conducted under the terms of a permit, as required by law. I also indicated that it would be the individual Forest Supervisor who will be responsible for working with Rainbow Family representatives to work out the details of the permit and the operating plan. So, decisions will be made at various levels of the Forest Service, but as we get closer to the actual Gathering, the Forest Supervisor and his or her representatives (District Ranger, Permit Administrator, Resource Specialists, etc.) will be making decisions and administering the terms of the permit and the operating plan.

As we discussed in previous meetings, it will be necessary for a representative of the Rainbow Family to sign the permit so that it can be issued. By having a valid permit and an accompanying operating plan, we will be able to manage the Gathering as a legal event and focus our attention on working with you and your representatives to ensure compliance with the provisions of the permit and operating plan. Our law enforcement officers will of course have a role to play to the extent that there may be violations of law by Rainbow Family gatherers, but our intent is to manage the Gathering more from a Special Use Permit administrative standpoint, than as a law enforcement effort. Of course, the extent to which laws enforcement actions will be needed depends on the conduct of the individuals attending the Gathering.

We understand that there is no legally constituted "group" or non-profit corporation known as the "Rainbow Family" and that no individuals can speak for or act for the "Rainbow Family" and that no individuals can speak for or act as legal representatives of the collective group of individuals who wish to gather and camp together in a National Forest in New Mexico in June and early July of 2009. We understand that rather than having leaders, decisions are reached collectively in council at the site where people are camping. Nevertheless,

Caring for the Land and Serving People


as we discussed in previous meetings, it will be necessary for someone who plans to attend the Gathering to sign the non-commercial group use permit for it to take effect under our interpretation of the regulations. This permit is required by law, and is intended to protect the health and safety of the attendees, and to protect the environmental and archeological resources of the public lands to be used for the Gathering under the permit. We are already in contact with more than one individual planning to attend this year's Gathering who would prefer for us to issue a permit without requiring a signature from an attendee, but are willing to sign the permit in his/her capacity as an individual contact person should we so require. Accordingly, since we have already identified more than one person willing to sign, we are planning for the 2009 National Rainbow Family Gathering to be a legally permitted event.

The ability of the Forest Service to manage the Gathering more as an administrative action than a law enforcement action depends much on your (and other participants of the Gathering) willingness to work cooperatively with the individual Forest Supervisor and his or her staff. To date, you have shown an excellent collaborative spirit. I thank you. I hope this will continue with early identification of the Gathering site, ensuring that Rainbow Family representatives work closely with the Forest to finalize the permit and develop the operating plan, and working closely on a daily basis once the Gathering begins. I believe that if these things can be accomplished, we will have established a successful process that can serve as a model for the planning of future Gatherings.

You know how important it is that you to begin coordinating with the individual Forest Supervisors on the Gila, Santa Fe and the Carson NFs to select the site for the Gathering, complete the permit process and develop the operating plan for the Gathering. The sooner this work can be completed, the better we can jointly prepare for a successful gathering. Thank you again for your dedication to working with us.

(sg) Gilbert Zepeda
(for) Corbin L. Newman, JR.
Regional Forester

cc: Richard Markley, Glen H Pickett, Karen M Carter, Kendall Clark, Daniel Jiron, Erin Connelly

What's it all about?

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

On Peeing in the Woods

A message primarily for my sisters at the Rainbow Gathering:

If you're drinking enough water to stay hydrated, you're probably peeing a lot. Now when you pee, hopefully you'll be peeing behind a tree or a bush or somewhere in the woods (Not the shitter). If you're like me, you like to wipe after you pee. But then you have some slightly used toilet paper to dispose of - and NOT by burying it under two inches of duff. Some one will have to pick up that tissue - let that someone be you.

I've taken to bringing extra washclothes to the gathering. I keep one in my daypack at all times. Then when I need to pee, I wipe with a washcloth. I put it in a plastic bag in my pack. The next day I grab a new one. The old one gets rinsed out and left to dry for a day or two. 4 or 5 washclothes will last me 3 weeks using this method.

The other option is to carry all that used TP to the nearest shitter and toss it in. Or burn it in a fire. Or carry it home with you. I like my washcloth movie a whole lot more.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Safe Drinking Water at the Gathering

If you're new to gatherings, the most important thing you need to know about drinking water at the gathering is to avoid live water. Before folks who drink live water all the time pooh pooh the idea of only drinking boiled or filtered water, let me say this. If you drink well water where you live, then your body is adjusted to the micro-organisms in your well. The micro-organisms in the spring water at the gathering will undoubtedly be different - and different can lead to an upset stomach.

Giardia is an ever present danger and you sure don't want that. Then of course, there's the potential for contamination by gatherers, and the picture can get really runny really fast.

So what's a health conscious gatherer to do? Bring a water filter that goes down to .2 micron and make sure you filter all your drinking water, teeth brushing water, etc. Or boil your water for 20 minutes at a rolling boil. Donate to the filter fund to help support large scale water filtration projects and make sure that we have an ample supply of safe drinking water. New Mexico is dry country and you'll want to be drinking a minimum of half a gallon of water per day - I'll probably be doing closer to a gallon. Between the elevation and the dryness, the best way to stay happy and healthy is drink water, drink water, drink water.

NOTE: If you want to donate now, use the water filters system PayPal account. The water line one on the website is trapped in PayPal hell. DO NOT USE!

If you're thinking of donating to the collective filters, if you could donate to the filters fund in the next day or two, the money will be well spent. I know the people involved in this project personally and they will spend whatever $$s you share on water related purchases for the gathering.

Remember, if the person camped next to you gets sick, you're probably next in line.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Spring Council Information

Spring Council for the Annual Rainbow Gathering of the Tribes starts June 10 near Cuba, New Mexico.

Spring Council is the process by which people on the land pick the gathering site based on information provided to them at the council. Either a consensus or a vote by foot type of decision is reached. Until spring council picks a site, there is no answer to the question, where will the gathering be? This year spring council starts June 10. People with information on sites from scouting will bring that information to the people on the land, and those present will decide where to go.

As with all things Rainbow, everyone is invited to participate in the process. If you come, please be self-sufficient and have your own food and drinking water.

Directions from Albuquerque:

Take I-25 north to U.S. Highway 550. Go north on U.S. Highway 550 approximately 65 miles to State Highway 126 (Cuba, NM).

From where State Highway 126 meets U.S. Highway 550 , go east about 15 miles on 126, look for the sign for FS 20, (the 'G.S.' sign is there also), turn onto FS 20, cross Rio Las Vacas, come to Trail Creek about five miles from where the pavement ends. Travel safely.

Here is an alternate set of directions from Cuba.

From Cuba NM take Hwy 11 south about 6miles. Turn left, east, on to Hwy 78 toward san miguel, for about 2miles. Turn left, north, on to FSR 20. Stay on FSR20. Roughly 8miles later you'll see that people are already there.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Rainbow Ride Share

In a galaxy far far away sometime after dinosaurs went extinct, there was no internet. In those days of prehistory (circa the 1980s and 1990s), people used to focalize ride share over the various lightlines. But these days with so many web based opportunities, getting a ride to or from where you need to go should be easy. If you're not sure how to find some of these opportunities, google Rainbow Ride Share or visit Star's Rainbow Ride Board.

That being said, I noticed last year, a lot of people were hooking up with people on their local Craigs list - of for same people flying into a town, that town's Craigs list ride share.

No matter how you make your initial contact. Here's some tips:

If you are offering a ride or have a ride to share, please take the time to meet with the people you’ll be traveling with ahead of time at your local coffee shop and work out the travel rules: smoking, no-smoking, who pays what, who drives, what's allowed in the car, etc.

If you don't feel comfortable with someone, don't travel with them. Trust your instincts. There will be other opportunities for both of you. It's probably a long ride from your point of departure to the gathering, and if it's not right, it's not going to be a positive experience for everyone.

Please make sure your car is 100% legal and you have a valid driver’s license, registration and insurance.

The last few years there have been checkpoints coming into the gathering and people have been hassled pretty badly. Last year in Wyoming, people even got a mandatory court appearance ticket for a beads hanging from their rear view mirrors and no front plates even when the car was registered in a state that doesn't issue front plates (sigh). So cross your ‘t’s and dot your ‘i’s and you’ll come home safely.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

New Mexico Gathering 1995

Just to help us remember.

As copied from Welcome Home.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Young Rainbow Brother Drowns at Regional

Technically this has nothing to do with the Rainbow gathering happening in New Mexico, but over the Memorial Day weekend there was a regional gathering in Northern California and a 3 year old drown in the creek.

Here's the current plea for support for the family that's circulating. Do with it as our heart tells you to. Much love to Gabriel and his family.
The fund drive for Gabriel's coffin and funeral services is crawling at a slow pace, so this is an urgent plea for your help in raising the fund's needed so he can be laid to rest. For updates see The coffin alone costs $1587.87 and the burial costs are $1602.00 additional. As of right now, we have raised $320.00 which is a far cry from what is needed to allow Gabriel's funeral to go forward. Please family, tell everyone you know to contribute something right away. Paypal or visit the blog for instructions on other ways to donate.

This is most urgent! We only have till Tuesday at 5pm Pacific Time, June 2 to pay for the coffin so Gabriel's body can be released for burial. Please show your compassion now when it is much needed. I'm going to be standing on corners with posters for the next three days till the funeral alongside Raven, and we need your help.